Oh, Sen. Bonacic, come now! What do you take us for? Your most recent dumbed-down leaflet says “In 2011, 7,000 teachers were laid off.” Well, if Republicans had supported further stimulus, this would not have happened! YOU are a Republican! And what does this have to do with campaign finance, anyway? Nothing! 

Political campaigns with limited public financing would be smaller, shorter and not beholding to fat-cat contributors. Why are you against protecting we, the people, from big-money influence? Well, most Republicans are against campaign finance reform. Why? Because Republicans get tons of money from big interests. Much more than Democrats do.

I’m amazed but certainly not shocked that you treat us like dummies. This recent mailing was insulting.

By the way, what did you spend on the condescending, patronizing mailing? And where did the money come from? Taxpayers, I’m sure!

Katherine Mario


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