A few months ago, Dick Miller strongly advocated in favor of Williams/Cabot’s Constitution Pipeline. His letter to the Otsego County Board encouraged its endorsement and asserted the pipeline had nothing to do with fracking.

I commend Representative Koutnik for pointing out to the board that Williams’ intentions is to indeed facilitate fracking via its pipelines, as stated to investors: “Leatherstocking intends to connect to existing and new gas production ... to the Constitution Pipeline.” Given that the DEC commissioner recently stated that permits could be issued without regulations, the pipeline would fast-track our entire region to fracking.

Dick Miller put every family along the entire pipeline route into harm’s way by advocating for a company that has a long history of safety violations, contamination and accidents, as reported by PHMSA. He lobbied for a project undermining private property values, rights and insurance.

Miller claimed the pipeline would infuse money into the county while ignoring the costs. He took the word of a company facing a $20 million antitrust suit with the Justice Department accusing it of cheating consumers.

Miller has stated that he’s opposed to fracking, yet he encouraged Otsego County to profit from it. The fact that Foothills, where Miller is board president, lists Williams as one of its corporate sponsors is disturbing.

I would like to thank Supervisor Valente for speaking up regarding the timing of Williams’ donations, saying that “it looks like some kind of payoff.”

We deserve elected officials that put our welfare ahead of corporate and financial interests. Given that state election law states that designating (naming) a candidate must be done by petition and nominations cannot be made until the primary, anyone wishing to run for mayor on the Democratic line has time to come out. We need you.

Rachel Soper


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