Cary Brunswick

You know, ever since Donald Trump was elected president, or assumed power at least, it seems like there are a lot more news events occurring in the world, and especially in our country.

This past week, mainly just the past few days, has been no exception. Of course, some of the president’s supporters believe that the media are biased and are reporting too much news that makes Trump look incompetent, crooked, uncaring, or just plain alien.

But, in most cases, news is news and not fake, and too much of it is bad, tragic, disturbing, shocking or downright disgusting.

Another mass shooting on Sunday at a Baptist Church in Texas left at least 26 people dead, and is inevitably leading to yet another political debate about gun control. It happens after every massacre for a few days or a week and then nothing gets done.

After such mass murders, most Republicans, including the president, always say it is too soon to talk about gun control as the authorities work on the circumstances and families grieve for their dead loved ones.

The president is right that we need better mental health care, but he has shown little interest in bolstering that care.

While it is never too early to try to do something that might prevent the next massacre, chances are it will not occur now just like it didn’t happen after Sandy Hook, Orlando and Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, President Trump was in Japan pounding his chest about American might in hopes that he might scare North Korea into abandoning its nuclear arms and missile program.

Yes, we all know the United States is mighty because it has more than 4,000 nuclear warheads stockpiled, with about 1,400 of them deployed and ready for launch. That’s enough to destroy civilization numerous times, but it will do nothing to thwart the belligerence of a madman such as Kim Jong-un.

The president and his advisers should and must come up with a different strategy regarding North Korea rather than giving its leaders evidence that they are dealing with another madman.

Under the heading of shocker, the Trump administration on Friday did not block the release of the first draft of the latest National Climate Assessment, despite the fact that the report contradicts the president and all the other climate-change deniers he holds dear.

The NCA is mandated by Congress to be done every four years by the U.S. Global Change Research Program to help us “understand, assess, predict and respond to” climate change. Scientists will review the draft, and the final report will be completed next year.

It is no surprise that the draft blames climate change primarily on the use of fossil fuels and other human activity. Now we have to wait to see what the Trump oil and coal guzzlers try to do to influence the final assessment.

It was especially disturbing to hear that Sen. Bernie Sanders might have been correct when, during last year’s Democratic primaries, he called the nomination process rigged.

Many of us had the feeling Sanders could be on to something, and now a book by former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile appears to confirm those suspicions.

An excerpt from Brazile’s book “Hacked” told of a fund-raising agreement between the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign that basically gave her team control over the committee’s finances and staffing in exchange for money to help the DNC pay off millions in debt.

Brazile called the agreement “unethical,” but other party leaders such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren did not hesitate to say it did indeed rig the primary in favor of Clinton.

In an interview Thursday on PBS NewsHour, Warren said that to restore public confidence in the party and win elections, Democrats must “recognize the process was rigged and ... build a new process, a process that really works, and works for everyone.”

Of course, our president’s response to all this was as childish as so many of his other public responses. He tweeted: “Crooked Hillary bought the DNC & then stole the Democratic Primary from Crazy Bernie.”

While he may be right, Trump’s continuing propensity for name-calling detracts from the issues and does nothing to boost his standing among the millions of voters who now seriously wonder if they made a mistake in marking their ballots last November.

No wonder Trump’s approval rating is the lowest on record for a president after nine months in office.

Cary Brunswick, of Oneonta, is a freelance writer and editor. He can be reached at The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of The Daily Star and its editorial board.

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