Chuck Pinkey:

Associated PressIn this May 27 photo, Nepalese army men pile up the garbage collected from Mount Everest in Nepal. The record number of climbers on Mount Everest this season has left a cleanup crew grappling with how to clear away everything from abandoned tents to human waste that threatens drinking water.

We are doomed.

Environmental indoctrination has permeated every facet of our lives. Hollywood and the media lead us to believe it’s a given; Earth is in danger and the planet is dying. Remember, everything is choreographed. Nothing in a movie, in a newspaper, or on TV, is by accident.

It is called indoctrination. For instance, we saw the new Godzilla movie. I was expecting the usual stomp Tokyo to dust routine, but this time, Godzilla, Mothra, Monster Zero and the boys are saving the Earth from us. As they fight each other and trample cities like Las Vegas, their radiation generates new foliage and helps to negate the damage caused by humans.

I never realized they were heroes, but environmentally, monsters to the rescue! What does this tell a 6-year-old? As a 70-year-old, I believe a cow’s flatulence is nothing compared to Godzilla breaking wind.

In HBO’s Big Little Lies, the consummate women-in-crisis mini-series, there is a teenage character who, last season, wanted to auction her virginity on-line for contributions to Amnesty International. She was distraught that Mom and Dad didn’t like the idea.

This season, she is foregoing college because the earth is dying. Instead, she will help build homes for “America’s four million homeless.” I hope they use pre-fab rather than stick built, because if the world is ending, why build a home for the long run?

In another episode, a 7-year-old had a panic attack because the teacher was talking about imminent environmental disasters. I know it’s just TV, but what does this tell a 7-year-old?

Recently, another environmental catastrophe has been unearthed, a true slippery slope. As reported by Fox, “The current biggest threat to climbers on the world’s tallest peak is the staggering amount of human excrement being left on its slopes, with some estimates putting that number at more than 17,000 pounds for this season alone.

“Melting conditions on Everest create an odor that is sickening to climbers, and the waste will eventually contaminate water sources below and become a health hazard.”

I have a simple solution that might help. Cut rations by 50%. Now, we have only 8,500 pounds of human excrement to deal with. This can be handled by Superloo Port-a Potty in New Delhi, India. The Superloo is a space-saving unit, complete with a toilet pan and washbasin for use by either gender. Maximizing limited mountain space. It is the ideal option when a stylish solution is required.

Further to the question about the effects of this baloney on children, on CBS’ 60 Minutes, it was reported, “Of all the cases working their way through the federal court system, none is more interesting or potentially more life changing than (Kelsey) Juliana versus the United States.

“To quote one federal judge, ‘This is no ordinary lawsuit.’ It was filed back in 2015 on behalf of a group of 21 kids, who are trying to get the courts to block the U.S. government from continuing the use of fossil fuels. They say it’s causing climate change, endangering their future, and violating their constitutional rights to life, liberty and property.”

Plaintiff Kelsey Juliana was only 5 weeks old when her parents took her to her first rally to protect the spotted owl. Her brainwashing began early. The other pawns, I mean plaintiffs, were recruited from environmental groups across the country by Julia Olson, an Oregon lawyer and the executive director of a non-profit legal organization called “Our Children’s Trust.”

It is gratifying to know our future is in the hands of 21 kids and their enabling lawyer. With no thought or knowledge of the consequences of such a lawsuit, it is full speed ahead. How will food be grown, products moved, homes heated and their iPhones made?

In the real world, the future has always been better than our past, but as long as I can remember, all media portray the future as bleak, and we are the cause. Remember Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes? In the end, he kneels on the beach next to the wreck of the Statue of Liberty, pounds the sand and screams, “You blew it up! You blew it up!”

On the upside, if lesser primates take over, and without the internal combustion engine, cows and coal, the Earth is safe.

As a youth, we got under the desks in school and assumed the fetal position, just in case the Russians had a nuclear strike on St. Mary’s School in Corning. I asked my dad about this danger, and he smiled and said, “Mow the lawn.”

Chuck Pinkey is a retired area businessman. He can be reached at The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of The Daily Star or CNHI.

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