A good friend of mine feels that President Trump is a racist, but he’s a bit lacking on specifics. He mentions the Charlottesville, Virginia, protests, and that Trump stated that there were good and bad people on both sides of the Confederate flag and monument issue.

That’s true; there were, and just because some white supremacists or Neo-Nazis got involved, it does not negate the legitimate efforts to preserve our history. Some feel the Stars and Bars are racist; others don’t, and believe rebellion is part of our American heritage.

He points out that President Trump has referred to certain nations as being “sh*thole countries.” That’s a bit crude, but not racist. Having been to many of them, it is an accurate description.

Trump is chided for his proposed banning of immigration from certain Muslim countries that may sponsor terrorists and have no effective means of vetting people leaving their country. That’s not racist; that’s smart.

And of course, we have candidate Trump saying that we get murderers and rapists in addition to good people from Mexico, and that they “don’t send us their best.” Does MS-13 ring a bell? Are professors, doctors, teachers, or engineers sneaking across the border?

My Trump-detesting friend accuses me of defending this “vile person (President Trump)” with “bumper sticker illogic.” In other words, he’s out of ammo.

Enter the Squad. Its members are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and foulmouthed “Impeach the MF” Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. They are four freshmen, or should I say freshwomen or should I say fresh persons, who were elected to Congress in 2018.

They made a splash and quickly became the new faces of the Democratic Party. These ladies are so far left that they make Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer seem normal.

You name the leftist cause and these four have their name on it. The Squad wants health care for all people within our borders, more access to abortions, free college, living wages, social justice, gun control and even confiscation, and a new Socialist America. They have no plan to pay for all this.

Squad members have made Anti-Semitic statements, and have been the target of a Congressional reprimand. Their sympathies lie with the Palestinians, and it seems they detest Israel.

They profess increased immigration, almost to the point of open borders. They want to abolish ICE, and make illegal entry no longer criminal.

AOC and the rest accuse America of running concentration camps for illegal immigrants. She pounds her chest, wrings her hands, and cries in staged memes before a chain linked fence, as if she’s witnessing horrors beyond belief.

Do these dimwitted women stop to think that people are traveling thousands of miles to get into our “concentration camps”? Do they realize that they can leave with their families and head south? No one will stop them.

AOC accused ICE of forcing a woman to drink from a toilet. She didn’t know how to use the faucet, so she drank from the toilet. Are these the people we are getting from Central America?

The Squad blames America for everything.

They believe America is a racist country dominated by white men. Everything we do is evil, brutal and based on race.

Yet, they profess to love our country. After all, nothing says “love” like constant criticism. They claim dissent is a form of patriotism. It can be, but after a while, it’s just hate showing through.

Enter Donald Trump. In a smart political move, President Trump is keeping the Squad in the limelight. He’s help make them the face and spokespersons of the Democratic Party.

As they criticize, he fires back. He tells them to go back to where they came from, fix their old country’s problems, and then, come back. Only one of the four is foreign born, and that is Ilhan Omar from Somalia.

But, I know what he means. America gave Ilhan freedom, safety and the means to prosper, but if she believes this country is so evil and racist, why not move on? Obviously, she loves America too much to leave.

The other three are Americans by birth, and we all have freedom of speech, but that goes both ways. I am free to say that you are full of hate for America, and you have the collective IQ of a cocker spaniel. If America is so bad, please go elsewhere.

Like my liberal friend, the Squad is out of ammo and hides behind the race card.

When all else fails, call Trump a racist. Apparently you can’t disagree or criticize “women of color.” That mindset is racist. 

Chuck Pinkey is a retired area businessman. He can be reached at chuck.ontherightside@gmail.com. The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of The Daily Star or CNHI.