Every once and a while you get to have a glimpse of the true character of an individual. No political speech writers, political advisers or spin doctors are around to tell you what to say. You are on your own.

Such was the case when Hillary was asked the very simple question as to whether she felt the MoveOn.org ad slandering Gen. David Petraeus had gone too far. Here was her chance to display her honor and integrity, her support for the troops and their leader.

Well, she failed miserably. She waffled and wiggled out of a straight answer as well as that funny little dictator from Iran did repeatedly while at Columbia University.

She simply does not have the character to be commander in chief. She has repeatedly through her life shown her disdain for our military men and women.

She is nothing more than a political hack who only strives for personal power and riches. She cares very little about the country. And the sad part is that the media consistently let her off the hook.

The first indication of her character challenges was when she smeared the reputations of long-time workers at the White House Travel Office so that she could give the very lucrative business to her good friend Linda Thomason.

Then there was the Vince Foster "suicide." Then we had Craig Livingston and the Republican FBI files that mysteriously turned up in her possession and her shock when she discovered this.

The same holds true with the Rose law firm's billing records regarding the Whitewater scandal showing up in the White House living quarters after she claimed they must have been lost. Again she was truly shocked and dismayed how this could have possibly happened.

The press has a responsibility to answer why it chose to ignore or downplay these very serious character flaws, as well as others, especially now that she is a serious candidate for the presidency.

The press has failed miserably. I would hate to think that all the press outlets were as dishonorable and blatantly biased as the New York Times. We will certainly see whether they are or not as the election looms closer. More publications than we think might have the same integrity issues to deal with.

But the most glaring example of being the hypocrite she truly is was when she and Bill were being interviewed in 1992 on "60 Minutes." Bill's little (and many) sexcapades were being questioned when Hillary was asked how she felt about all these allegations.

Asked what she would do if they proved to be true, she said, in part, "I'm no Tammy Wynette, Stand by your man' type of wife," indicating she would not tolerate this behavior in her husband. Truth or political strategy?

Unfortunately, this interview was given years before the inconvenient sex tape and stained dress discovery. Still no Tammy Wynette, Hillary? I have had for a long time a copy of Tammy's record just for when I can have it blaring out of my office if Hillary ever steps on campus.

Now back to Petraeus. Most common-sense, patriotic people saw him as a man of honor. A brave man and proven hero (repeatedly) and a true leader of men. No political agenda, no purpose other than to lead his men in honorable fashion on behalf of his country.

Hillary clearly showed us the type of person she was when she constantly insulted and berated the general simply to look good in front of her supporters.

She had a chance to give respect to this hero and instead she sided with Michael Moore, George Soros and all the other fringe lunatic groups whose only commonality is their hatred of America and George Bush.

So there you have a picture of another Clinton White House. Instead of Babs Streisand and Linda Thomason romping around in the Lincoln Bedroom after having bought and paid for it (I wonder if Bill was home at the time?), it will be George Soros and Michael Moore and their dates. You can throw the honor and dignity of the White House out the window.

Hillary, how dare you call someone of Petraeus' character into question and say to his face that he had a "willing suspension of disbelief" regarding his testimony.

You, Hillary, who have lied repeatedly, pimped your husband and pimped the White House, should be very familiar with the term "willing suspension of belief" since you practice it on a regular basis.


Tom Sears is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta. He can be reached at SearsT@hartwick.edu. His column appears every other week.

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