Ballgame over! Sarah Palin, govenor of Alaska, was absolutely the best pick McCain could have made for a VP running mate. She is young, conservative, a leader, the only one of the four candidates who has executive experience, pro-gun, pro-life, and on and on.

After she spoke Friday afternoon, it was obvious she was going to be too much for Joe, the mouth, Biden to take on. I can't wait for the debates. We might as well have the inauguration now and save the public a lot of taxpayer dollars.

As a matter of fact, my liberal friend who bet me a lunch over the winner of the election might as well buy it for me now and start licking his wounds. I seem to remember his calling or e-mailing me and reminding me how much he was going to enjoy his free meal. I can't wait to pull that e-mail out for future use.

It was amazing (and showed how scared the Democrats are) how the Obama campaign came out immediately to disparage her background. They described her background as simply being a mayor of a small town of 9,000. Other than being petty and childish, it was extremely stupid. I hope all the small towns across the U.S. see how much saint Barack really thinks of them and remember his statement in November.

Also, she has more executive experience and a longer record of accomplishment than Barack Obama and Little Joe Biden combined. As a matter of fact, as a conservative friend just pointed out, even Cindy McCain has more executive experience than the both of them.

I hope The Daily Star and other media have the courage to tell the public of her background. But, nevertheless, keep it up, Barack. I certainly don't want to silence you. Whenever you don't have a pre-written script to read, you keep putting your foot in your mouth.

But I have plenty of time in the future to talk about our Republican team. I can't wait until this week's Republican convention, since I know it will be run in a more adult-like fashion, avoiding the rock-star gimmickry and proceeding to put holes in every non-policy, liberal, nonsensical idea Obama and his ilk talked about this last week. It's our turn now, guys, and you ultra-libs better not watch because it will be painful. However, just as a reminder, you have to hear both sides in order to be informed and to carry on an intelligent discussion.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did go through pain and suffering and watched the circus of a convention the Dems put on last week. It was very hard, but I watched at least 20 hours of the dog-and-pony show and all the related commentary from both Republican and Democrat spin doctors. I think I deserve a medal for this heroic act. I listened to Nancy, Teddy K, Harry, Michelle, Joe the mouth Biden, Billy C., Hillary and others perform their special acts, and, like I said, it was quite a circus they put on.

I do, however, think Hillary showed what a mistake the party made, first for selecting lord Obama over her and then ignoring her as a VP pick. Thank you so much, Democrat strategists. You just handed us the election.

As I said, I watched a lot of the Democratic convention and have a bookful of thoughts and comments to use for my next columns. They won't be pretty for you libs, so I have rated them for mature audiences only. That lets you off the hook. The column will go over the Democrat convention unless the Republican convention is so good that I can ignore yours.

What is important now are the House and Senate races. I think the McCain/Palin ticket will have a positive impact on those also.

Just a final note. One of the statements made by Barack was a challenge to debate McCain anytime, anywhere. If you remember, Barack, he already offered to debate you 10 times in a town hall setting. You originally accepted and then mysteriously backed out. Probably because you remembered that you had to think on your feet and offer specifics rather than read from a prepared speech. You aren't very good in that environment are you?

However, if I remember correctly, the offer is still out there. All you have to do is call and accept.


Tom Sears is a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta. He can be reached at His column appears every other week.

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