... To the local couple who rode their bicycles on Aug. 23 as part of the Livestrong Challenge in Philadelphia.

The Livestrong Challenge is an event that features bicycling, running and walking, and is held in cities nationwide throughout the year to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Donations can be made via the Web in recognition of individual riders.

The foundation was founded in 1997 by seven-time Tour de France cycling champion and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong. It focuses on cancer prevention, access to care, research and quality of life for survivors.

William and Lori Erario, of Oneonta, said that they were inspired by friends who have died from or are battling cancer. William Erario rode in the 45-mile event, having participated in the 10-mile event last year. His wife rode in the 10-mile event for the first time.

We're proud to see two people representing our area in such an admirable event, and hope that their dedication inspires others to do the same.

o ...To Yogi Phakchok Rinpoche, who hosted a Himalayan cultural fair Aug. 22 and 23 at Rangjung Yeshe Gomde, a meditative center in the town of Otsego.

The public was invited to learn about Tibetan folk songs, religious chants, Zen archery, meditation and the food and daily life of the culture. The event also aimed to help people learn about Buddhism and introduce the Buddhist community to the area.

We applaud this opportunity for the members of the public to expand their horizons. The fair seems like a fun way to become more educated, and we hope that events like that continue to be offered for the enrichment of our community.

o ...To forward movement on the plan to turn a 50-mile stretch of state Route 28 into a Scenic Byway. The Central Catskills Collaborative met recently to begin developing a Corridor Management Plan to nominate the road for the designation.

An overview of the nomination process, steps to complete the plan, threats of invasive species, relationships with travel corridors and opportunities for community involvement were discussed.

We think that the designation of Scenic Byway for the road is a good idea, as it has the potential to bring in tourists, providing an opportunity for them to appreciate the beauty of our area as well as patronize local businesses. The designation also opens the door to federal and state funds, according to proponents.

The project will additionally give people an opportunity to volunteer to help their community. We hope to see this forward movement continue and the project become a boon to the area.

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