Mr. Kosmer’s apparent belief that economic development is a “smokescreen” for fracking is totally off the mark. While he is quick to point out “success” stories, he fails to address the fact that the community is suffering from a lack of growth of the tax base and therefore is finding it difficult to meet the needs of the citizenry. 

He lists Chobani and Golden Artist Colors as success stories but unfortunately they’re located in Chenango county. Later in his article he chastises Betty Ann Schwerd for seeking input from Jennifer Taveras, the director of Commerce Chenango, who was instrumental in bringing both to Chenango County.

The belief that an economy can be built on public-sector and low-income jobs is incorrect. Our local economy is out of balance and we need more private- sector, preferably manufacturing jobs. The census data showing the adverse trends of the area was highlighted by “Otsego County Profile” provided by Cornell.

The comment that Citizen Voices is a pro-fracking is clearly incorrect. No position has been taken nor will it be until the state Department of Environmental Conservation has rendered its’ position on the issue. 

The mission of CV is “To support a pro-growth economic environment which will provide job opportunities for the present and future generations. To be PRO-Business, create opportunities bringing us all together to find common ground with all to make the region a welcoming and vibrant community that is open to business and industry while balancing the beauty of the area and preserving our natural resources.” 

In the meantime, “fracking” is not allowed and will not be taking place until such time as the people want it.

The real smokescreen is Mr. Kosmer’s constant railing against something that is not going to happen. Deal with the real issues and be more than a one- issue candidate.

Robert Harlem

Tom Armao


Harlem and Armao are members of Citizen Voices. 

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