A moratorium is defined as a delay or stopping of an activity. Recently some local town boards issued moratoriums that included prohibiting vertical gas drilling. Since the early 1800s, 70,000 vertical wells have been successfully drilled in New York state. About 14,000 are active, contributing 44,000 jobs, and permits are still being issued by the DEC.

Many, many have declared this vertical moratorium completely ridiculous for obvious reasons.

I would compare it to drilling a water well, hitting a pocket of methane gas, then issuing a moratorium. No more drilling for water until a study is complete, three to four years, and everyone may comment.

I guess New Yorkers will have to get their gas via pipeline. There are 170,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines in the United States. Wait a minute, maybe they’re not safe either! Good “ole” coal, oil and wood.

Doug Fessenden


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