I have to give The Daily Star credit for giving everybody a chance to voice an opinion (opinions don’t have to worry about fact checking), no matter how vicious or untrue. The April 23 edition is a fine example of this (see Pinkey and the ‘Mad Texan’). What bothers me more than these two is the failure of the Universal Background Check to pass because half of our senators voted against it, knowing that 90 percent of the population is in favor of it. 

Unless 90 percent of our population lives in just 50 percent of our states, these senators are not representing their constituents, plain and simple! Why? Simple, the NRA has too much money and influence. 

Pinkey et al. claim that the checks interfere with their right to bear arms and would be a terrible inconvenience. They claim it is just a precursor to taking their guns away. 

This is ludicrous. Do you remember when you were 16? You had to get a learner’s permit, take a written test, eye test, driving test, get your license (with your photo), register a car, get insurance, get license plates and get the car inspected. Some of these had to be renewed on a regular basis. You had to obey all traffic rules and couldn’t be impaired by booze or drugs. With all these governmental rules and regulations that you don’t seem to be bothered by, do you think they’ll take away your cars and trucks too? Get real! ... no, grow up! 

The U.S.A. is just 237 years old, a toddler compared to most of Europe and Asia. We are immature and self-centered. Many of our whiners still want to play cowboys and Indians, changing horses to pickups and six-shooters to AK-47s. Grow up!

Richard Stinson

South Kortright

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