This letter is in response to the FEMA increase article in the March 31 paper. There are families in Otsego County, village of Unadilla, that have had flood insurance increases that far exceed the 18 percent projected increase.

My own family was quoted at $261 a year being that I had already had an elevation certificate completed prior to the closing of my home in 2012, and was placed at two feet above flood stage. Eight months later I’m told I need another elevation certificate done, and my insurance increased to $2,500 a year.

Another family I spoke with bought their home in the last 12 months, was quoted at $1,200 a year for their closing, was also told to get an elevation certificate done a few months later and now is billed $9,000 a year due to their elevation.

Yet a third family in the last 12 months bought their home, was quoted just over $300 for a year and then billed $1,750 a year. They also did the elevation certificate a few months after moving in and actually saw a relief of $300.

FEMA should have given the correct amount to the potential homebuyers so we were not blindsided by these insane increases.

I pray our communities can work together, and that our families can keep our homes.

Kona Knapp


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