In his effort to present a transparent fraud — I mean front — Obama is switching from golf to “race cards,” a game he learned from Jeremiah Wright, America’s No. 1 racist. Some of the cards are:

Mythical Racism — when biased Obama went on national TV and falsely accused Sgt. James Crowley and the Cambridge, Mass., Police Department of racism. Remember the beer summit?

Osmosis Racism — when white Republicans are called racists for working to make Obama a one-term president, yet when Jesse Jackson and convicted defamer Al Sharpton campaigned to make President Bush a one-termer, that was OK.

Partiality Racism — when club-wielding, uniformed militant Black Panthers intimidated voters at a Philadelphia voting site, Obama totally ignored it. If Bush ignored hooded Klansmen, he would have been impeached.

Reverse Racism — when Obama snubbed the murders of Border Agent Brian Terry and the four Americans at Benghazi. Is that because the five slain Americans were white? Had Bush been president and the five victims were black, every major city in America would be ashes.

William Eckardt

Cedar Park, Texas

Eckardt is a former area resident.

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