Gee whiz. SUCO has recently gained notoriety by making a very good showing on a few national listings — the latest of dubious value.

Let me propose another metric of more value to prospective SUCO students (and parents).

Poll recent graduates, say, one or two years after graduation, and ask the following, simple questions:

1. Are you employed?

2. Are you employed in the area in which you got your degree?

3. If employed, do you consider yourself “under-employed”?

4. If not employed, are you in graduate school?

5. If not employed, are you angry? At whom?

The purpose of the first three questions is to find out if the time and money spent on a SUCO degree is generating any payback. The fourth question is a legitimate alternative to work — for now. The fifth question just popped into my mind.

Answers to the second part of Question 5 could include (BUT ONE ONLY):


B. Mom

C. Dad

D. Drugs

E. The weather

F. Justin Bieber

G. Barack Obama

H. George Bush

I. Myself (god forbid).

J. .......

The results may be consoling to those unemployed SUCO graduates with a “lighter” (than national average) debt load, currently living with Mom and/or Dad.

Or then again …

Charles King





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