What do all of these have in common: the Neversink, Pepacton and Cannonsville reservoirs, state Route 17 Expressway, Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Power Authority, Marcy South Power (lines), and Continental Pipeline? All of these were ultimately built to serve the needs and money of the downstate metropolitan area without any regard for upstate New York. 

The reservoirs and their extended watersheds have a stranglehold on their areas. We cannot access the power lines and until just a few weeks ago the gas line was off-limits, also. These projects can take anything they want at their pricing. The investments of upstate have no meaning.

Due to the huge amounts of money that are involved and the political power connected to that money, the power lines and drilling and pipelines will go through. The pipeline permits will not be issued until September but the pipe is already being delivered. Water sources for drilling are already being set up in places like Colliersville. The governments in the watersheds can continue to negotiate to protect as much as possible. The key for the power line and pipeline issues should be for upstate to access some of this cheap energy so that we can have a chance to grow instead of our steady declines.

George Stafford

Mount Upton

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