I had the pleasure of seeing Randy Noojin perform his one-man show in character as Woody Guthrie.

Guthrie, if you don’t know, was the artist and singer/songwriter famous for pro-union songs from the 1930s. I suppose his most famous is “This Land is Your Land.”

He was identifying the same terrible things that were happening to people in the Great Depression as are happening today.

Essentially, the rich are winning, and the far right is winning.

Many states are creating anti-woman laws, limiting abortions and family planning, almost all those laws being foisted by men. Of course there are other states allowing guns on the street. No gun control, or even ammo control laws have been passed. Bambi had better hide with a 30-round clip. And Zimmerman got his gun back, wow!!

Now that the Voting Rights Act was smushed by the Supreme Court, many people will have to fight harder to be “allowed” to vote. It used to be a right.

Sneaky Republican legislatures and governors have gerrymandered the heck out of some districts.

Congress is not allowing anything that their constituents need to get turned into law.

The new Farm Bill stomps on food stamps. 46 million people use SNAP, and most are white. Some of the recipients vote against their own best interests, because every proposed law has too many tentacles for common folk to follow, and the media bloviates the truth.

Students are getting hosed with double the loan rates by the inaction of Congress.

Union membership, which was one of the main drives of Guthrie’s career, has been decimated.

Obama has not been the president I expected, but can you imagine how much worse things would have been with Romney in office?

Alan Kaplan





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