Without gas drilling, things will be worse

A recent letter to the editor in The Daily Star stated that when gas pipelines were installed back in the 1950s, there were no protests whatsoever.

Nowadays, people oppose almost everything.

"We don't want any ... powerline(s), wind turbines, gas pipelines."

And now, the idea of horizontal gas drilling in upstate New York is almost dead and buried.

There will be no future or economic prosperity in upstate New York if we don't allow any sort of progress.

When I was growing up in Bainbridge, Interstate 88 was built on a grand scale. Almost everyone was upbeat about a four-lane through our rural area. There was no talk of increased traffic problems and other opposition.

As for hydrofracking, I have not heard or seen any scientific proof that it is going to poison our water. The opponents have only created a big smear campaign and started a lot of hysteria against it.

Creating all of this bureaucracy only makes our economic problems worse. Governments, schools and municipalities are forced to make cuts that wouldn't have been thought of 20 years ago, such as police, firefighters and teachers.

Some counties in Pennsylvania are finding huge benefits from gas drilling.

I don't think it is fair to treat the gas companies like criminals if they can create jobs for us and the next generation.

If people don't like budget cuts now, just wait 20 years. Without gas drilling or any progress, things will be a lot worse.

Robert Caffee


In response to Kat Bennett's letter

Regarding Kat Bennett's complaint letter on being cold all the time with the A/C on, I know (after five years of dialysis) that air, which is too warm, can adversely affect the equipment, water systems, etc.

I, too, am a fellow dialysis patient at Bassett Healthcare Cooperstown dialysis unit, and we share the same shift. I empathize with your condition, but state that all the staff in this unit, everyone of them, is as professional, compassionate and caring as the next.

Dealing with kidney failure, diabetes and anemia, I suggest to you that perhaps it could be related to anemia or too-low hemoglobin level.

The staff is compassionate above and beyond the call. (On occasion, I have chased them away when they interrupt my reading...)

I suggest to you that the staff will always furnish a patient with two or more blankets when needed, and if finally you get no relief, suggest that there are other dialysis units in the area (Oneonta, Hamilton, etc.).

I hope you can come to a solution, but to create the impression that there is no compassion in this unit, is absolutely false.

Jeff Gordon


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