U.S. matters are more important than others

Wow! I just read that story about the nurse's aide on the "hunger strike" for Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

Damn, sounds more like a Hollywood-type diet with vitamins, doctors care, etc. 14 pounds in 15 days can't be helping your back injury.

Here is the problem with her and many other bored people; instead of concerning ourselves with overseas problems, concentrate on those we have in the USA.

Let other countries handle their own problems.

Let's work on our economy, taxes and, most of all, getting rid of the big spending by President Barack Obama, that has put our country in unbelievable debt.

Tony Contello


Teenagers do make a difference

As a State University College at Oneonta instructor specializing in positive psychology, I see firsthand how our young people can create positive changes in the world.

As a mom, I'm beyond proud of my daughter, Sean Miller, for taking a stand in human rights.

When KONY 2012 was introduced on the web, my 13-year-old eighth-grade student at Cooperstown Central School didn't just say, 'we need to do something;' she did something!

Sean immediately took action and became the Lobby Meeting Team Leader for KONY 2012 and led a small team of concerned young adults to a meeting with a member of Rep. Richard Hanna's office, Ms. Sarah Bormann.

I applaud our children who make a difference in the world for wanting to make positive differences for the lives of children around the world. Sean teaches us all that regardless of age, if something matters, we are citizens of humanity and have the responsibility to do the right thing.

KONY 2012 represents the ultimate act of bullying. Perhaps we should be turning to our kids to teach us how to put a stop to this horrific act by focusing, one voice at a time, on standing up for what's right.

Congratulations, Sean, you are a daughter to be proud of!

We could all learn something from listening to our children, as their voice and ideas are extraordinary.

Karen Henry


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