Newt is a hypocrite

It could be said that all politicians are, to some degree, hypocrites. Some take hypocrisy to extremes.

Newt Gingrich is a prime example of extreme hypocrite.

Could anyone less hypocritical so vigorously go after Bill Clinton for his trysts with Monica Lewinsky while himself having an affair with a congressional aide?

Gingrich has changed churches, but his true religion is Gingrichism, a core "principle" of which is hypocrisy.

Has it ever been noted that Gingrich is very close to Grinch?

William F. Roberts


Local support makes RIF program possible

It was wonderful to see students taking part in "Reading Is Fundamental" on the front page of the paper recently. Oneonta RIF Inc. proudly gives our students the opportunity to choose four new, high-quality, current children's books each year. The hallways are filled with anticipation and excitement as a RIF distribution draws near!

For some, these books may open the world of reading for the first time. For others, these may be the only new books they receive for their personal library, and for many, these books might be the key in learning to read or expanding their knowledge and love of reading.

The Oneonta RIF program was established in June 1974 when the Oneonta branch of the American Association of University Women agreed to be the sponsoring agent. Oneonta RIF was the first RIF program in the United States to be based in a rural area. All money was raised locally to match a grant obtained from the Division of Youth.

In 1977, federal money through National RIF became available, and in 1980 the federal contract matched local funds 3:1. In its early history, Oneonta RIF expanded to serve more grade levels and to distribute more books.

At the present time, the program serves every child in all four elementary schools of the Oneonta City School District from preschool through sixth grade.

With a change in federal funding guidelines, Oneonta RIF no longer receives any federal funding. All books are purchased with locally raised funds. The annual financial support of many individuals, businesses, and foundations allows us to share the joy of reading with the children of Oneonta.

In this season of giving, we recognize and greatly appreciate the loyal support of our book distribution program.

Janice Pidgeon


Pidgeon is the director of Oneonta RIF Inc.

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