Telian was treated poorly

My mother, Bernice Mable Graham Telian, served as Meredith town historian since 1997, when her predecessor moved to a nursing home. When she started, the historical records were in plastic bags. She organized files, successful programs, wrote four books and fattened the town's historical fund. She led the founding of the Meredith Historical Association and secured a major gift to take it well into the future. She did all of this with passion, as a lifelong resident.

Unfortunately, the Meredith supervisor and Town Board, spurred on by one member's anxiousness to appoint a friend, took a secret vote (aka Executive Session) at their January meeting to get rid of Bernice. A historian is appointed by the board, rather than by public election. Even though she's solid as a rock, received numerous awards and made friends with people nationwide tracing their roots, Telian was not given the option to retire.

Each year before, the supervisor contacted her about the appointment. This year, neither the supervisor nor one board member had good ethics enough to contact my 82-year-old mother first. Instead, after appointing someone else, the supervisor asked me to help break the news and plan to remove 14 years of material from my mother's home.

I implore people to become more involved in local government. This Meredith supervisor ran unopposed. Also, my mother deserves the truth to be known. Although she did not retire, I'm sure the Meredith "leaders" would like people to assume that.

This treatment is a slap in her face and to everyone who still believes civility has a place in politics. After all, if we can't expect it at the local level, forget about it.

We need to start electing officials who feel the same way.

Lucinda Brydon


Investigate records of Planned Parenthood

It's about time! Recently, Fox News reported that Florida Rep. Cliff Stearns is requesting the financial records of Planned Parenthood, the darling of the liberal media (TV and print) and Democrats.

The investigation includes illegally using grant money for abortions per grant and for not reporting statutory rape cases (older men with underaged teens).

Like ACORN, with these records the investigation may prove that Planned Parenthood has, also, been involved in illegally funding political candidates.

And why not? A closed-book organization that supports killing some pre-natal babies into the ninth month period is not above all three of these charges.

It affects its very existence.

Jean Jones


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