One Million Moms needs to keep to itself

One Million Moms with a single-narrow mind is intent on boycotting JCPenney for hiring the gay Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson. Is this "Compassionate Conservatism"? Or is it religious-based prejudice, arrogant intrusion of some people into a matter that is not really their concern?

What about the Golden Rule, that standby of the decent people of all faiths? What about that good old common sense idea of MYOB (mind your own business)? Just because JCPenney is a business that needs the public's business, doesn't mean that everything the company does is the business of the public.

William F. Roberts


Price of groceries is too high

I went grocery shopping this past weekend. I don't know how people can afford to feed their families.

First of all, it cost $10 for about 2.5 gallons of gas. If I made minimum wage, I would have to work over an hour for the gas. A loaf of bread and gallon of milk are $5. I understand why there is so much obesity in our country, no one can afford meat, so families live on pasta and carbohydrates because of the price of meat being so high.

I had to laugh. One store had a manager's special for a frozen turkey. It was $26. How many hours would it take for someone on minimum wage to buy this?

I am single and can't afford to buy meat unless it's a day old or on sale. I live on hamburger meat and vegetables.

Otsego County is a poverty area. Every week and every item I buy has gone up in price, and my paycheck doesn't go up. I see the meat counters full of meat and people walking on by because you can't afford it. Eight dollars for a steak is ridiculous.

My heart aches for people with families. God bless all of you because I don't know how you all can afford to feed your family healthy foods.

I think we should all boycott buying meat for one week and let's see if the price comes down. No wonder so many homes are in foreclosure between the price of food, fuel, taxes, clothing and everything else, it is just ridiculous.

I think it's time to show the local stores we are tired of the prices going up when we can't afford it.

Judy Scanlon


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