Gay marriage lacks legitimacy

The editorial board of this newspaper has once again come out in support of legalizing what it calls "gay marriage" (Feb. 4 editorial).

Incredibly, part of the rationale for this argument is that Elton John "is tired of being treated like a second-class citizen in the United States." I thought Sir John was a British citizen; if so, he is not a citizen here at all, second-class or otherwise, and I doubt he has been maltreated in the least while visiting the U.S.

Marriage is not a fundamental human right and there is no constitutional guarantee that it is available to all. Furthermore, the state has always had an interest in regulating marriage as evidenced by age of consent and blood relationship laws.

There is no precedent in human history until very recently for this artificial entity called same-sex "marriage." Presumably the gurus and philosophers on the paper's editorial staff have greater wisdom than what we common folk can garner from centuries of experience and Judeo-Christian teaching. Nonetheless, such an artificial construct is a lie and it is bad for children and will do grave harm to society.

Unfortunately, this whole movement is a sorry attempt to gain legitimacy where none is possible. After Abraham Lincoln posed the question, "How many legs would a dog have if you count the tail," he corrected the respondent who said "five" by reminding him, "You'd still have four legs; the tail is a tail no matter what you choose to call it." So it is with same-sex marriage.

Thomas Kolberg


Varied viewpoints are vital

Recently even local letters to The Daily Star reflect increasing hostility. I believe part of the problem is listening to and reading only positions they already agree with.

A few years ago a Rotary friend who knew I had Jared Diamond's books about how civilizations form and fail asked to borrow these books. With those two books I included Julian Simon's book "Ultimate Resource II," a brilliant work making opposite conclusions. My friend declined the Simon book although the main point of the book is proving to be true now in China and India.

At about the same time a professor from SUCO came to our Rotary Club to present a program on the Kindle electronic book. In discussion concerning information he stated that he followed the liberal news media as was true of his associates. I believe to be well-informed, one should read a variety of viewpoints. Are our college students being short-changed?

During a long life and nearly 50 years in the dairy business, I have been fortunate to get to know many outstanding people. One such man recently passed away that I feel fortunate to have known and worked with for many years. Dr. John Leahy was extremely capable, straightforward and a fine person. One of the blessings of life is to know such people.

Gerard Bourgeois


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