Don't let Romney get away with rhetoric

It is perfectly acceptable to support either one of our primary presidential candidates. However, while we enjoy the luxury of free speech and thought, I would encourage my fellow voters to allow truth and facts to speak louder than the words of media pundits and talking heads we listen to.

A popular local conservative talk show recently covered the Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's Immigration Law, with the host telling thousands of listeners that the court upheld Arizona's legislation, and that President Obama was going to pull federal funding from Arizona as a whole, despite the Supreme Court "supporting" this state's actions.

This could not be further from the truth. Anyone can go to CNN, BBC America, MSN and other credible news sources to see that the Supreme Court struck down key aspects of Arizona's Law. In addition, what president has not pulled funding from a state that promotes legislation deemed unconstitutional?

While my fellow Republicans sit back and complain about President Barack Obama's lack of accomplishments, Mitt Romney continues to tell us that he can do better, without giving us any specific instructions or strategies for how he will actually improve our country. Worst of all, we allow this to happen!

We cannot simply support Romney just because he made it through the laughing-stock of candidates we witnessed last winter. We cannot simply allow Romney to use vague rhetoric without holding him accountable, just as we do President Obama. If we do, then we will end up in the same exact spot we are in now, with a political system that is based on procedure and not performance.

Stop saying we are the greatest nation in the world when we clearly have so much work to do, and are not in a hurry to get started.

Jason Corrigan

Clifton Park

Corrigan is a former mayoral candidate for the city of Oneonta.

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