Vote Tyner on Tuesday

Joel Tyner is unconditionally opposed to hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for natural gas.

Vote for Joel Tyner in the Democratic primary election for the 19th Congressional District on June 26.

Leon Kalmus


Drilling foes are exercising their rights

I feel I cannot be silent after reading Mr. Bruce Beckert's letter in the Weekend edition of The Daily Star on June 9.

Mr. Beckert says he seriously questions what we are teaching our young generation when townspeople "storm" town meetings for one reason only (the gas drilling issue). May I suggest that we are teaching our youth that we live in a democracy where the people have the right and moral obligation to protect their communities from any real threat to that community and to its health and safety?

Townspeople all over this state are showing up at town meetings for just those reasons. Are we all doing this based on what Mr. Beckert calls "undocumented information"? I think not. Mr. Beckert should look at the real facts of the effects of horizontal hydraulic fracturing as published by unbiased scientific sources (not spin), and take a hard look at what the industry is saying (not spin). I agree that we need to guide our youth to work with facts and not spin on both sides.

Property rights are important, I agree, but, not when those rights are cited as an excuse to put the common good and the rights of your neighbors aside.

As for the regulatory agency's oversight, there are still major problems with the regulations under consideration by the state Department of Environmental Conservation, namely: wastewater disposal, health impact studies (lack of) and negative socioeconomic impacts on our communities. Until these problems are solved, the townspeople will continue to "storm" town board meetings to encourage our boards to be in the middle of something they have every right to be in the middle of _ protecting and preserving the community they were elected to serve.

Marilyn Roveland


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