Pro-drillers ignoring reality

Apparently pro-drillers and our county reps just don't understand the effects of gas drilling. Biologists, chemists, geologists and environmentalists all identified the carcinogens and repercussions, but they still see dollar signs, when 80 percent of the revenue will leave the state. They listen to big industry and, sadly, believe, mindlessly repeating their lies.

One year after BP's holocaust of an oil spill in the gulf's fragile ecosystem, a coral reef is dead, the fishing industry destroyed, wildlife and fish dead, and dead dolphins washed ashore in their infancy, from chemical dispersants. Denial isn't realistic.

Drilling in the Marcellus will bring damage to New York's No. 1 industry, farming, and No. 2, tourism _ real people will lose jobs. We can't afford gas drilling, the risks are too high. The long-term effects of cancer and miscarriages, and our health are collateral damage to them.

Coal, oil and gas are neither "clean" nor renewable. Gas would not come here, but to China. Most of our oil comes from Canada, not the Middle East. Green technology could employ people for the long run. Politicians continue to support gas drilling to make themselves look good. They think these transient "jobs" will make them a hero. The social, economic and environmental costs will be what we have to pay for their egotism. So-called "acceptable" levels of carcinogens will add to the mix of chemicals and pollutants already spilled in lakes, streams and air and quietly cause cancers. They will turn their backs, and leave the courts to sort it out. When your child or grandchild develops cancer from poisoned water and air, how will you explain your decision to them? Who will you listen to for your answers, oil companies?

Maureen Culbert

East Springfield

Chobani should come out against hydrofracking

With this letter I have two objectives. The first is to praise Chobani yogurt for becoming the No. 1 yogurt maker in the United States. I thank it for having enough faith in our upstate New York dairy industry to use only milk from our cows to make this outstanding yogurt. Milk has become the liquid gold we needed to help our farms get back on their economic feet.

Chobani has hired more than 400 local people to help produce this product and has become an integral part of life here, making its friendly presence appreciated by helping with local causes as well as being a much-needed shot in the arm to the dairy industry.

The other objective is to ask Chobani to take a stand against the dangerous procedure used by the gas extraction industry in rural central New York where yogurt is made, known as hydraulic fracturing. They must know that "fracking" releases toxic chemicals into our ground and into our air. Methane is a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide that fracking will release into air that people and cows breathe. Chemicals that the gas industry uses in methane extraction include toluene, benzene and other toxics in combination that can pollute our air, our water, and affect what cows graze on.

Chobani makes an outstanding yogurt from our golden milk, but must be aware of frack water spills from Bradford County, Pa., air quality in Dish, Texas, and so many other places in the U.S. and Europe, that have banned slick water fracking as dangerous to human and environmental health. It is my sincere desire that Chobani join with the nearly 300 other industries in central New York that have publicly come out against fracking for natural gas.

Earl Callahan

New Berlin

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