Cheers to the recent bone marrow registry drive held at SUNY Oneonta. 

I was very fortunate to receive the gift of life (stem cells) from a registered donor who had responded to a drive like this. A simple swab of his mouth put his DNA in the registry files. Months later, I was praying that Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston would find a perfect match for me. 

Thank God, it did. I received the cells in October 2015 and have been doing great since. A transplant from a donor was needed for my survival.

Luckily, after a year of waiting, I was able to contact him. This August, Scott, his wife and little boy came to meet me and my family and friends. What a generous gift he gave. How do you thank someone who saved your life? Scott and his family are now part of my family for sure! 

The fact that organizations are hosting the “drives” is so important for creating awareness in bone marrow donation. 

So, thank you to SUNY Oneonta Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. Great job!

In addition, thank you to all who took the swab and registered! You could be given an opportunity to give the Gift of Life in the future. 

Vivian (Nolan) Folensbee


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