In his letter to the editor that appeared in the April 25-26 edition, Dan Buttermann makes two very good points. One, we need to find “systemwide solutions to fix the inequities” in the way our schools are funded. The other, arising directly from the budget shortfalls resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, is that cutting back on state funding for education “is the wrong solution” to the problems with the state budget.

For too long, children in poorer school districts, which include many of our rural upstate districts, have been underfunded relative to wealthier districts, putting our kids at an unfair disadvantage. Revenue shortfalls at the state level owing to the pandemic could make the situation even worse if the state takes money away from schools to cover budget deficits.

Thank you, Dan, for raising this important issue. We need people with your foresight in Albany. Good luck with your campaign for the Assembly!

Edward T. Lentz

New Lisbon

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