I’m writing in response to the recent Sound Off comment (with no name) on the Census. If the designers of the Constitution wanted the Census to county only U.S. citizens, why didn’t they state it in the Constitution? There surely were non-citizen immigrants in the country back then.

In fact, the same white men allowed two-thirds of slaves to be counted for purposes of representation. Did the author of the Sound Off piece think that the purpose of counting these slaves was to give the slaves “sway” in the Electoral College? If the problem is our Electoral College, let’s change that. The purpose of a census to to count residents, to gain facts upon which decisions can be made.

So, how to explain this desire to add the citizenship question to the Census? Some claim it’s concern about the “rule of law” and we must not allow immigrants to enter our country because of this concern with “rule of law.” I believe that is an excuse that hides bigotry and is hypocritical. For example, there are supporters of the citizenship question who happily take under-the-table income themselves and likely break other laws. What about the “rule of law” then?

No, I believe that what’s truly behind this issue is the fear of people of color coming to, living in and potentially becoming citizens of our country. There’s no other way I can interpret the issue than the fear of people who are different.

I repeat: if our issue is with the Electoral College — and I can agree it’s a grave problem — then we need to change that and not add a citizenship question on the Census.

Karen Kremer

Cherry Valley

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