I am disappointed that I have not read anything about Cooperstown All Star Village and what a positive impact it has been for Oneonta and the surrounding areas.

Thank goodness that Marty and Brenda Patton were able to have the facility up and running this summer, with the restrictions of COVID so vivid.

I had the privilege of working at the village all summer. You have no idea how happy the teams that participated were that were playing ball again! The 11- and 12-year-old baseball players were able to compete with and meet teams from all over the country. 

I was amazed that one week during the summer there were 18 teams from California alone. Other teams come from all the different states in the West and South. They bring their mothers, fathers and of course grandparents as well as siblings. The comments I received from so many people from all parts of The U.S.A. were about the beauty of upstate New York. Some had never been to upstate New York, the greenery was amazing to them and the people were very friendly to them. We all should be proud.

We are lucky to have All Star Village in our area. Businesses, hotels, motels, restaurants and all of the rentals in and around the Oneonta area are positively impacted. All Star Village has been a wonderful and much needed economic boost for Oneonta.

Let’s be sure we continue as good Oneontans to welcome all of these new people for a week at a time to our area.

P.S. All Star Village, since 2004 has always invited local Oneonta teams to participate whenever extra teams were needed. They play with no cost whatsoever. 

The parents and friends of Oneonta teams have made friends with people from all parts of the country. Incredible!

Nick Lambros


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