I was once proud to both attend and graduate from SUNY Oneonta.

Much I had learned, both within and outside the Oneonta classrooms.

Now I hear that the administration of Oneonta has embraced and is putting into place "critical race theory."

I cannot describe how both saddened and intellectually disenfranchised I am in being a SUNY Oneonta alumnus!

I am aghast that YOU faculty and staff have embraced, quite literally, the method of "racism to fix racism."

A truism was once spoken: To solve racism is to behave upon the premise that race does not matter.

Clearly, SUNY Oneonta has abandoned this.

A disgrace!

I am now ashamed SUNY Oneonta is present in my educational history.

I press fully that the administration of this once excellent school, cease and desist immediately this societal fallacy of recognizing and treating people differently based upon their skin color!

If not, I will have to renounce my degree from my record, AND, I will actively campaign to any/all prospective students to reject such an "academic" institution who clearly absconded higher education standards to, rather, embrace identity politics.

Shame on you!

With great sadness,

Garrett Deblieck


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