Why did the watchdog group Judicial Watch have to expose the true Russian collusion regarding Hillary Clinton, Obama officials, DNC, major media and the Clinton Foundation, when justice should have prevailed?

They exposed her lost Rose Law firm records, found in the White House residence after Bill’s 1992 election; State Department documents showing her top aides, including Cheryl Mills, immediately knew the Benghazi compound was under attack by well-armed terrorist fighters and lied to the American people; put national security at risk with her private email accounts, substantiated in 2016 by Huma Abedin and Mills that Hillary originated the idea of creating the email. A 2019 deposition revealed the FBI found Hillary’s emails in the executive office of the president, implicating President Obama in in her email scheme. The major media was strangely silent!

The State Department under Hillary approved all 215 ethics reviews of Bill’s speaking engagements earning him $48 million, some from Russian interests. The Clinton Foundation amassed around $2 billion since 2013, with the Wall Street Journal calling it a “Super PAC” in 2016, when it raised $262 million, the last year amounts were available.

Her 2016 presidential campaign bank-rolled the phony “Trump/Steele Dossier,” which, with James Comey’s help, initiated special prosecutor  Robert Mueller’s 675-day investigation, which cleared Trump’s campaign of Russian collusion. After the 2016 election, Obama State Department official Jonathan Winer assisted Steele in laundering the bogus dossier, helping create a second dossier fed to congressional Democrats, including Daniel Silverberg, national security adviser to Democratic Majority Whip Steny Hoyer.

Remember when President Obama told Russian officials that he’d have leeway after the election? The true Russian collusion is obvious no matter how major media or House Democrats try to spin it. The truth is out there, and hopefully Attorney General Barr will bring it out.

Edward  V. Dawyot

Mount Vision

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