I saw three anonymous Sound Offs in the July 26 Daily Star about the new K-9 security dog at Bassett hospital, which repeated almost verbatim the propaganda that Bassett is using to try to make people feel comfortable with their new attack dog that prowls the halls of the hospital.

It's not unlikely that all three letters were written by Bassett PR people, trying to counterbalance criticism of their K-9 program that was published recently in other local papers.

I never liked the anonymous letters section of The Daily Star. If you have something to say, sign it and take credit or criticism for it, as the case may be. How does the Star know that Russians, the CIA, or Bassett aren't abusing their anonymous letter section to spread "fake news"?

The anonymous letters repeated the lies about this attack dog "creating calm," and making the hospital "safer." The reality is that this dog is there to threaten people who demand answers about Bassett’s inadequate care of their loved ones, which naturally makes the families of the victims angry.

If someone gets violent at the hospital, they can be stopped by the human security staff and arrested by the police. Use of an attack dog, such as the Belgian Malinois "Hudson," to scare people into submission reminds me of police brutality in the 1960s when similar dogs were used to attack nonviolent civil rights protesters.

People should speak out against this outrageous expansion of the police state at Bassett hospital. This dog is capable of attacking children or patients. That's why its handler keeps it on a short leash. This is no friendly seeing-eye dog that can be safely approached and petted, it is there to intimidate people, and it is doggone wrong!

Topher Hammond


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