Lessons in life are made by something or someone’s mistakes. Let us together remember how we got where we are as a school community family and know the other side of the story. Over the years, we have had, and still do have, a devoted teaching staff who have instilled in our children the passion for learning that is remarkable for today’s society of living.

The history of our school has taken years to unfold with many successes and disappointments. Let us not forget the amazing memories and honors our/your children have achieved through hard work in the classroom, on the court or on the athletic field. 

My purpose is to not let all this slip away with poor judgement in annexation/merger thinking with Schenevus and Worcester. Annexation means you are willing to forget the past and let Worcester have the final say. Be careful what you wish for because you know what you have but you do not know what you will get.

When our honored alumni of distinction recipients tour our present school facility, they are overwhelmed by what our children have today as a learning institution. Computers, online courses for college prep, and more, are available for those who want to strive and excel. If you have never toured this up-to-date building, ask your board members for a visit.

The administration has said annexation is the only answer for salvation as a school district. I totally disagree. The present Schenevus School Board members are on a positive path to survival. If you are in question about how to vote with this annexation vote, ask your board members for the other side of the story. Remember: you are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.

Timothy Green


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