I’m responding to a derogatory comment by a representative of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee quoted in an Aug. 19 article as he referred to Sean Eldridge’s campaign. 

My perception — limited to my experience in Delaware County — is that, on the contrary, Sean is running an excellent campaign. And he is arousing a very high degree of fervor as a candidate. This was evident when he spoke to the County Democratic Committee at a monthly meeting, when he delivered a speech at the annual Democratic County Dinner and when he talked briefly at a meet-and-greet last weekend (he’s also appeared at community events).

People can be seen nodding their heads and smiling, voicing enthusiasm for his policy positions and innovative ideas, his intelligent and thoughtful delivery, as well as his personal appeal. My take is that people of all ages who share his pragmatic and progressive vision understand that he is a representative above all for the younger generations: for the future.

To the potshot at his personal wealth — not something he grew up with, by the way — I say look at the positive side: let it give the voter further assurance that this principled and energetic man will not be susceptible to lobbying pressures. 

Judith Garrison


Garrison is the Democratic Election Commissioner in Delaware County. 

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