I voted against continuing to include "Mallard Fillmore" in your paper. Either you haven’t made a decision about its continued inclusion or you have decided to keep it, because it continues to appear in your paper. Because I do not know your decision, I want to give a lengthier plea to not include it than I gave the last time.

The comic strip is rarely funny. In fact, it is mean-spirited. Just last week, each strip has included derogatory comments about colleges and graduates. On Friday, the cartoonist went so far as to attack one specific major — psychology — indicating it is not a real degree. This degree, in particular, offers a wide range of possibilities, which include criminal justice, education, business, mental health, human services, administrative services, marketing and sales, to name a few. Why does it offer such a wide range of possibilities? Answer: It teaches how people and animals think and behave in various situations; it exposes students to scientific methods of data collection and analysis; it fosters critical thinking skills; and it increases communication skills — both spoken and written. Only 3 to 4% actually become psychologists.

I am surprised that you would want to include such a negative commentary as Mallard Fillmore has projected last week. After all, this is a college town. Suggesting that some degrees are useless, or that students graduate with no knowledge or skills, attacks the bread and butter of many residents of this community.

How is it that "Non Sequitur" gets canceled after one offensive remark (that I missed) but "Mallard Fillmore" can be offensive day after day and continue in your paper?

Humor should deal with truths that make us laugh at ourselves instead of falsehoods that are offensive.

Margaret Green


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