To address some misinformation around the Schenevus/Worcester communities. I did some fact checking. There will be three seats open on the Worcester board so the best outcome for SCS is three seats not two, and then in May 2023 there will be a seat open again, so best case scenario for SCS would be four seats by July 1, 2023.

Understand, no school district can definitely say what courses will be offered the following school year, in October. This planning does not start until after course requests are put in by students in the spring, and then the master schedule is developed from April to June, before the school year. So kudos to Worcester for not jumping the gun and promising classes that students may not even want.

Enrollment could potentially go up in a merged district since those added opportunities could draw people into the communities and enroll their children. The enrollment would have to drop significantly to close a building, so don’t assume that will happen soon, or ever. If it does, why assume it would be Schenevus? Schenevus has a larger footprint to add on to. Worcester does not. Maybe that’d be the building to close.

Schenevus is only able to offer added electives this year because of hiring a third math and ELA teacher through the stimulus grant. They only have that job through June of 2024. Grant runs out and those classes will be gone. Check out the school report card for both schools. Schenevus DOES NOT perform better in graduation rate, or state proficiency scores. Both districts are about the same. Schenevus did not take out a revenue anticipation note yet, doesn’t mean they won’t this year! Please take the time to check facts. Talk to the superintendents. 

Nicole Miskell


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