A commercial approved by Chris Gibson states that his support for Social Security is strong and that there will be no change to it or Medicare. However, he voted for the first Paul Ryan budget, which would reduce funding to Social Security and Medicare, so I wrote to him asking to explain the discrepancy. I received a response that did not address the discrepancy. He merely repeated the content of the commercial. According to the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, Gibson also voted for the Cooper-La Tourette Budget, which raises the retirement age to 69, reduces the annual cost-of-living adjustment and reduces benefits to low-wage earners. So, we have words versus votes.

Further research shows that he also says that he supports continued coverage of pre-existing conditions, continued parent health care coverage for children up to age 26, affordable student loans, Pell Grants, and full disclosure of campaign contributions; YET, he voted for legislation against each of these. He says he opposes Citizens United, YET voted for legislation supporting it. His words and votes also differ on immigration reform and Head Start funding.

Luckily, Sean Eldridge, Gibson’s opponent, supports strengthening Social Security and Medicare, making college affordable, defending women’s rights, defending common-sense gun rights, reducing taxes for middle class families and small businesses, reforming farm policy aiding area farmers, and investing in our economy, which Eldridge has already done as founder of Hudson River Ventures.

Gibson complains that Eldridge is funding most of his campaign. I thank Eldridge for using his own funds with grass-roots support. This shows independence. Some of Gibson’s funds come from Wall Street and big oil companies.

Votes should match promises. Eldridge deserves a chance to show us that his votes will.

Margaret Green


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