I have a couple of questions for Gov. Cuomo.

What about those of us who never drive downstate and who only use the Thruway to get to Albany, where a toll isn’t collected.?The second question is about out-of-state cars with license plates that don’t meet the requirement he’s setting for New York state license plates. Do those drivers not pay a toll? Will there still be toll booths for them, and if so, why can’t we use them? What if I’m driving a rental car from out of state?

How will the governor’s plan be different from the license plate readers near Toronto, which are notorious for errors?

The excuse that we need new license plates for tolls is ridiculous. There are small tags attached either to a license plate or to the windshield that get scanned, or transponders (EZ Pass). There already are some plate readers downstate that had no problem reading my older plate and sending me a bill. I would rather pay an occasional transaction fee that have to buy a new license plate for no good reason.

Marjorie Smith




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