The front-page article on Aug. 26 on the visit of Archbishop Justin Arama was uplifting. The archbishop spoke of gratitude and encouragement.

But there was something that was not reported. In his sermon the archbishop said:

“God created us male and Female. In the West we hear God made a mistake because I would have been a woman. (Laughter ensues from some in the congregation.) Is it true that God made a mistake? No. I was supposed to be a man.

Where are the Christians in America? Parents ask their children, ‘How do you feel? Are you a woman or a man? You decide.’”

This ridicules those who are gay and transgender, who are all children of God.

I am afraid that my participation in the service will lead anyone at the service, my friends, neighbors and those who will listen to it from the Christ Church website to think I support those comments. I do not.

This bishop came at the behest of my church. I am ashamed to be affiliated with these remarks. I believe they contradict the teachings of “everyone is created in His own image,” of the love and confirmation of all.

Because I was a reader at the service, I do not want anyone to think that I support his view.

I support His Grace’s words of gratitude and encouragement; not those of exclusion, derision and ridicule.

Christopher Sadlocha


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