I am responding to the article “US suffers 800,000th death form COVID-19” on Dec. 15, and the plight of Chris Burnett, who died of COVID-19 because he was not vaccinated and left four children without a father, a grieving widow and a heartbroken mother.

To all of you unvaccinated:

I could cite facts and logic, but instead I will make an emotional appeal.

Do not end up like Chris.

If you love your children, get the vaccine for them.

If you love your wife or husband, get the vaccine for her or him.

If you love your mother or your father, get the vaccine for her or him.

If you love yourself, get the vaccine.

If you have anyone who loves you, get the vaccine.

Do not be Chris. Do not leave heart-broken family members behind. Just get the vaccine,

Jeffrey Harris


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