I recently attended a town hall with Congressman Delgado. We have similar goals, just a different approach.

An impeachment inquiry will prevent Trump from pre-emptively pardoning witnesses. It will, in my estimation, lead to convictions while preventing an abuse of the pardon power. As Barr, Magahn and others continue to refuse to testify, eventually Trump will simply pardon them, nothing will be accomplished. I cite the Constitution: "The President ... shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment." Impeachment is necessary.

Other points the congressman made where I differ:

1) Process: The “process” is impeachment, not some invented process. We're better off holding an impeachment inquiry instead of several ad hoc hearings. Witnesses will not be able to “weasel out” of jeopardy with a pardon. The facts will come out under one impeachment inquiry that will give Congress unencumbered access to the grand jury information.

2) Senate: If impeachment won't pass the Senate; then why pass legislation that also won't pass the Senate? As evidence comes out during impeachment, it will be harder for senators to politically defend Trump without running the risk of losing re-election. Put the Senate on record.

3) Divide: Impeachment will divide the country is a fallacy. The country is already divided by Trump's actions and can't become more divided. Currently less than one-third of the people in the country are determining the fate of the two-thirds majority. An impeachment inquiry can only help to bring the country back together.

4) Precedent: Impeachment, if not now, then when, or ever? You will be negating Congress' constitutional duty and allowing for an imperial presidency where an elected dictator will do whatever he/she wants without regard to his/her subjects.

Sigurd C. Rahmas


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