Thanks to The Daily Star for not shying away from the truth about the current and future devastations facing us as climate change intensifies (“Climate experts: Brace for new era of natural disasters,” Sept. 10. As Kim Cobb, the Georgia Tech climate scientist, says, “the outlook could not be more grim.” That we are in this position is no accident. Decades of lies by the fossil fuel industry and inaction by irresponsible politicians have led us here. Only scientific expertise backed by courageous and imaginative leadership can chart a way forward.

The bleakness of our environmental landscape did not begin with Donald Trump’s presidency, but just as he has given cover to white supremacists and to deniers of the pandemic’s dangers, he has systematically set out to enable fossil-fuel producers to continue their polluting ways. At the same time, he has subverted the institutions and policies that are supposed to mitigate the coming climate disaster.

We need a course-correction right now. That means, first and foremost, turning Donald Trump and his climate deniers out of office on Nov. 3 and supporting the Biden/Harris climate plan. State and local politics matter, too. New York passed an ambitious climate plan a few months ago. But that hasn’t stopped fossil-fuel supporters from pushing new gas infrastructure. Just downstate from us, the private equity firm Tiger Infrastructure is planning a massive expansion of the Danskammer gas plant that would increase air pollution in surrounding communities and hasten climate change. It’s time for Gov. Cuomo to voice his opposition to a very real threat to his signature legislative accomplishment on climate.

Diane Matza


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