In the aftermath of the insurrection at the Capitol Building, a Republican senator said in a tweet that standing against certifying the Electoral College votes was doing the will of his constituents. Of course lawmakers should listen to constituents, taking to heart their needs for job training, let’s say, their expressed desire for government-sponsored health insurance.

But should those constituents under the thrall of toxic and fabricated conspiracy theories and false notions about our elections be the ones to instruct and direct their representatives?

Hopefully those who are elected, who have taken an oath to our Constitution, pledged to become knowledgeable and informed in electoral, procedural and Constitutional matters, should feel an ethical and civic responsibility to properly inform and guide their constituents in all those areas.

Most of those lawmakers, four from New York state, who raised unusual objections to the Electoral College votes based on certified elections must be aware that the absurd allegations spread by QAnon and of those of widespread voter fraud are spurious.

Moreover, they have the relationship with their constituents backwards, and they know it!

Judy Garrison


Garrison is the DemocraticeElection commissioner for Delaware County.

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