In the business world every one of us wants to succeed, both socially and financially, in our chosen business endeavors. Most people, however, believe this can only happen if they figure out how to crush the competition. Ironically, this will only bring them temporary success.

I do not own a business, not a restaurant, toy store or car dealership. But if I did I would know how to succeed at it in the long run — long after I am deceased.

What’s true of lasting success in business is true in all areas of life, religious, political, social, mental and physical life. Every person who has ever wanted to succeed at something, long term, should stop trying to crush their competition and remember these words instead: “Not only is it important to include critics of a particular point of view, it’s unforgivable not to. Anything else is propaganda, not science or scholarship. More pragmatically, we learn as much from critics — perhaps more — than we do from advocates” (Transfer of Learning, Robert E. Haskell).

I continuously apply these words of wisdom to my life because I have learned over the past few years that without them, anything I succeed at in this world will never last. It will disappear in the sands of time and no one in any future generation will remember me or any of my temporary achievements.

Jason Hewlett


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