Margaret Green’s letter of May 9 is highly critical of the Millard Fillmore scripts that appear in The Daily Star. There is no doubt there is a conservative leaning to MF as there is a liberal/anti-Trump focus of the feature cartoons that appear daily. That is the editorial prerogative of The Daily Star.

Humor has many different facets: comic, droll, puns, sarcasm, satire, witty, wry, to name a few. The “comics” are not necessarily meant to be “funny — ha, ha.” but to have an appeal to different audiences. I for one get a smile from Millard Fillmore who pokes fun at political correctness, left-wing politicians, pompous blowhards, snowflakes, etc. I also get a chuckle at the anti-Trump cartoons that ridicule Donald Trump.

As for the side swipe at psychology, that field of study is indeed useful with a wide range of applications as Ms. Green points out. It is not an exact science, but a social science that is highly subject to interpretation and therefore more subject to jest than is math, chemistry, physics, or even economics, which are more empirical.

What one person may find offensive, another may find humorous. Please retain Mallard Fillmore.

William W. Dornburgh






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