I endorse Mark Davies' candidacy for Second Ward Common Council. Mark demonstrates a strong commitment to community, local government and public service. As a member of the City of Oneonta Environmental Board, I have had the pleasure of working with Mark on multiple taskforces. Six years ago, Mark was appointed to the Environmental Board. In a unanimous vote, his experience, work ethic and enthusiasm quickly merited him the chair’s position.

Under Mark’s direction, the board has thrived — taking on new programming and making recommendations relevant to the environmental health of the city. One of his first acts of leadership was to create standing committees, where each board member took charge of existing issues in urban forestry, watershed management, community gardens and community plantings. Each of these areas has experienced significant success. Guided by Mark, the board has discussed and, in some cases, made recommendations to the city on issues including Climate Smart Communities, photovoltaic systems, geothermal and energy alternatives, truck traffic, electric vehicle charging stations, rail yard pipeline staging, the Downtown Revitalization Initiative, the XNG “Virtual” Pipeline, city recycling containers, single-use plastic bags, the Pony Farm proposed compressor station, net-zero codes, and the Rail Yard Generic Environmental Impact Statement. Above all, Mark has been the driving force behind developing Oneonta 2030: Growing into a Sustainable Community.

Mark stands for improving the quality of life within our communities by advocating for a cleaner, healthier local environment. He also understands that a better, more-sustainable Oneonta relies upon developing social and economic strategies. As a Common Council member, Mark will carefully listen to his constituents. He is the type of leader who will work to mend partisan politics by placing community first. Through integrity, open-mindedness, experience, and a clear vision, Mark Davies will help us build a better Oneonta.

Tracy Allen




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