On Dec. 1, Schenevus voters have a big decision to make, whether to annex to Worcester or stay an independent school.

Do not be fooled! There are many things to think about when it comes to handing your school over to another district.

The previous Schenevus Board of Education and the superintendent put the school in an unbelievably bad place financially. Over the past year, our finances have improved, and we are headed back in the right direction.

Supporters include members of the previous board that got us in the financial situation to begin with! They made devastating decisions when on the board and now are telling us what they think is best for our kids and our community!

Supporters say taxes will go down. Have you ever seen taxes go down? According to their merger study, Worcester taxes have increased almost 10% more over the last 10 years!

Annexation involves a HUGE buyout to cover the Schenevus superintendent’s contract negotiated by the previous board!

Our school is the largest employer in our town. Supporters say jobs will be offered by Worcester, but they cannot guarantee it will be what you want or at the same pay!

Schenevus already offers more classes than Worcester. That means Worcester will have to bring its curriculum up to ours, rather than making it better than ours.

Sports will have tryouts, so not every child will have the opportunity to play.

Class sizes will most likely be larger and students will have more bus time.

Supporters say annexation will be better for our children and community, based on their misconstruing and manipulation of the “possibilities.”

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! Join me in voting NO for the good of our kids and our community!

Timothy Green


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