I’m writing this to express my concerns about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new bail reform program.

This law makes it so judges will not be able to set bail for several crimes, some being stalking, burglary, drug offenses and even some kinds of arson and robbery.

I believe that this program is detrimental to our communities around New York and has already been shown in communities around us.

On Jan. 3, a man in Laurens was arrested on charges he stole a vehicle. A year earlier, this man was arrested in the same place on charges of  burglary in the second degree, but because of Gov. Cuomo’s reforms, the man was able to be released from Otsego County jail.

It is up to the citizens of New York to show and tell our governor that this is not OK. With more criminals out on our streets, it is increasingly more difficult to feel safe. As a young person going into the criminal justice system, this law strikes close to home. I want to speak out about this ridiculous law and bring attention to the injustices taking place here.

The victims of these crimes feel safer when the criminals are put away, but this is all taken away from them, thanks to this new law.

Molly McLaughlin



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