Re: The Daily Star front-page story on July 18, "Guilford board hears blowback vs. wind farm."

It is a real shame that residents of Guilford have to learn about this wind farm project through the newspaper. It looks to me a lot of sneaky deals were made long before information was made public. There are some who stand to profit from this project if it goes through.

Shamefully, through their greed they will sell out the beautiful town of Guilford. Guilford has beautiful rolling hills with tremendous beautiful trees. The skyline is something many of us Guilford residents cherish with its beauty.

I have asked questions about the pros and cons of this project. For Guilford, the town will seem to lose. There will be no reduction on the NYSEG bill, I am told. The power is intended to go somewhere else. Well it is my opinion to take these turbines to the area where the electricity is intended to go. Don't ruin our skyline for a project that will not benefit Guilford.

These turbines I understand are the largest in the world. Why Guilford? 

I will be extremely saddened to see this project succeed. The individuals who are signing up with Calpine for profit I am sicked by. We should all be standing together to protect our town. I hope we are able to find out your names. If you intend to be on the town board, I say you will be finished once we learn your support of this project. If you're a contractor supporting this project by building roads, etc., I hope the public will not support you.

The project stinks terribly. Calpine can just load up and blow on down the road. Your ugly eyesore turbines can go to another town.

Kevin Sandell


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