Regarding Gov. Cuomo’s statement that New York is losing population because of the weather: In our very close family we have had three families move south, all for economic reasons — two in Virginia and one in Delaware. We actually have more beautiful weather than bad weather, but we live in a very high-tax state — with no relief in sight.

Those who desire to U.S. to become Venezuela have seized the major communications means, dominate newsroom and editorial boards and even informal messaging. 

Much has been made of the convictions of high-ranking political figures around the governor’s office and among high-ranking elected officials. This is not new — 50 years ago, when I was president of Otsego County Farm Bureau, I had a board member’s son who worked for a big Albany contractor. He said to his dad, “you have no idea what goes on between big politicians and big contractors.” I will leave out the details, for little has changed. Bribing politicians to avoid business competition is an international problem.

Gerard Bourgeois 


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